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Irina Voronina : Facebook Awesomeness

I urge all Irina Voronina fans to like and follow her facebook fan page for pics, video, info about her upcoming events, and sometime there’s really awesome live chats!

Follow the link to her page!




Irina Voronina : Facebook Awesomeness!

A small sample of the wonderful pics, and also sometimes live video on Irina Voronina’s Facebook fan page! Head over and like her page, and check out the pics and previous saved live video @ http://www.facebook.com/irinavoroninafanpage


The Antiviral Show with Kendra Zager & Playmate Irina Voronina

Playboy’s hit comedy news parody show, with Kendra Zager and our own Irina Voronina as a special guest! Funny stuff, with plenty of weirdness, & of course, Irina at Her sexy, funny best!

Click for video : https://t.co/ixiyDVt50U


Irina Voronina : Snapchat Collage

Irina’s adventures are often recorded on snapchat. Don’t miss out. She’s always putting up awesome stuff. Search IrinaVoronina


The latest in Irina Voronina Instagram Goodness

The latest pics, posted to Irina’s instagram, and a few other folks as well.

Follow Irina’s instafeed @ http://www.instagram.com/irinavoronina

Irina also is now using snapchat, under the name, “Irina Voronina” as well. Be sure to request a follow, because she’s posting some awesome videos on that app.

You can see all of Irina’s pics & vids on her various twitter, insta, and snapchat feeds, first of course.

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