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Irina Voronina : Facebook Awesomeness

I urge all Irina Voronina fans to like and follow her facebook fan page for pics, video, info about her upcoming events, and sometime there’s really awesome live chats!

Follow the link to her page!




Irina Voronina : Facebook Awesomeness!

A small sample of the wonderful pics, and also sometimes live video on Irina Voronina’s Facebook fan page! Head over and like her page, and check out the pics and previous saved live video @ http://www.facebook.com/irinavoroninafanpage


Irina Voronina : Bunny Talks Back to her Facebook fans – Ep.1

Playmate Irina Voronina is responding to fan’s messages from her Facebook page and the Youtube Channel. Good stuff, and check out the dress she’s wearing! Woohoo!

I especially enjoyed this video. Irina is rockin the funny, and is so sexy it’s just ridiculous.