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Irina Voronina : How to Keep Your Sexy Beard Poo Free

Sexy nurse Irina Voronina will show you some tips on how to keep your man beaver poop free.
Starring Irina Voronina, Chandler Bolt, and Daisy Bolt.

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Irina Voronina : Thoughts on Being a Stand Up Comic – Bunny Talks Vlog 7

Laugh at her or with her, as Playmate Irina Voronina continues to pursue a career of a stand-up comedian.

Irina Voronina : Social Media Awesomeness

Be sure to follow Irina Voronina’s social media feeds. She has a twitter feed : http://www.twitter.com/irinavoronina

FireShot Screen Capture #081

An instagram feed with tons of awesome pictures : http://www.instagram.com/irinavoronina

FireShot Screen Capture #080

And the worlds only Bunny Talks youtube channel! : http://www.youtube.com/irinavoronina

FireShot Screen Capture #082

Check them all out, and also have a look at : http://www.bunnybeautysecrets.com and http://www.facebook.com/irinavoroninafanpage

New Sex Bible for Women – Bunny Talks – Interview – Amie Harwick, Irina Voronina

Bunny Talks Interview – Episode 001
hosted by Irina Voronina,
guest Amie Harwick M.A., author of “The New Sex Bible for Women”.

Irina Voronina – Bunny Talks – Vlog 2 – How to book a nude part in a movie

Check out Irina’s newest #BunnyTalks #Vlog! She’s gorgeous, funny, and sexy as hell in it! It’s all about Her experience in booking nude movie roles. LOL. She has a pretty good sense of humor about it!

Playmate Irina Voronina gives you audition tips on how to book a nude part in a movie

Irina Voronina – Bunny Talks Vlog 1 – Differences between US & Russia

Playmate Irina Voronina talks about differences between Russia and United States