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An interesting Irina Voronina update

A recent promotion that appeared on Irina’s instagram!

Posted by Irina on instagram : Hi everyone!! I am so excited to announce that EyeCandy has selected me to star in my very own subscription GoVIP Channel. EyeCandy – The Sexy Social Network is the place to discover and follow the sexiest people (with fewer content restrictions than IG). The app is dropping in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!! #thesexysocialnetwork

FireShot Screen Capture #154


Irina Voronina : Featured in new music video by Pavy (French Riviera)

Musical artist, Pavy has released a new single, and the video (French Riviera) features lovely Irina as the beautiful model. It’s pretty badass.

Irina Voronina : Instagram is Awesome Because of Irina!

Some of Irina’s latest instagram stuff. You can see  them all first on Her instafeed @ http://www.instagram.com/irinavoronina

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Irina Voronina : Youtube channel suscription

Subscribe to Irina’s youtube channel, & have a look at her supremely sexy, and funny videos. She will steal Your heart, & hit You in the funnybone!


head to http://www.youtube.com/irinavoronina & watch the Devilina video for sure! Then have a look at the bikini babe on trampoline vid. Great stuff.

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Irina Voronina : Latest Youtube video. Hot bikini babe on a trampoline.

Have a look at Irina’s latest youtube vid. She livens up the day with a little bikini trampoline action, & a big smile!